Made it through the final pre-show auditions!!

Jane Buckle X-Factor

Just finished at the X-Factor auditions and I got through the last audition... really thrilled! Exhausting day but worth all the effort. Had a lot of chats with a lot of people about what happens next and it seems I'll find out all the details in July... fingers crossed. They did a lot of filming today so it's all looking quite good. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me in Hungerford and on Facebook, I am really grateful x

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OAPs Behaving Badly screens after much confusion

As quite a surprise Jane's episode of OAPS behaving badly screened tonight on Channel 5 despite being expected to go out next week. Several phone calls to production comapny Barcroft yieleded the same answer "Jane's episode will go out on June 30". But at 9pm tonight Channel 5 showed the episode "Twenty-Four Hour Party Pensioners" featuring Jane.

"I'm not going to let it put me off" said Jane resolutely, "Although I was disappointed. I was hoping to have a bit of a party for the screening with everyone who has supported me so much but that's not to be."

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Jane Buckle - Handle with Care!

Groovy is a word not often used to describe our senior citizens but Hungerford's iconoclastic cabaret artiste Jane Buckle is the delightful, life affirming exception to the rule. The 62 year old’s original style and exuberance has been subject of a Channel 5 documentary, OAPs Behaving Badly and Jane has also recently endured the gruelling X-factor selection process and appeared on the show in the initial round.

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