Hungerford's eccentric OAP's X-factor success!

Hungerford's famed OAP and force of nature, Jane Buckle, plucky as ever, braved the thong at the X-Factor auditions on Sunday at Wembley Arena.

Jane buckle hungerford

Jane buckle hungerford

Standing in line for over five hours, our gritty super-granny's determination paid off when her performance of 'Hippy-hippy Snake', followed by a lively rendition of 'Born to be Wild', impressed the judges so much that she was promptly clicked through to the next round on Wednesday, again at Wembley.

Jane, well known locally for her amazingly acrobatic acts and her endless energy, was one of only 10% of hopefuls to make it through to round 2.

'I am completely thrilled to have been selected from so many thousands' said Jane 'and I feel very privileged to be doing this at my time of life.

'I was definitely the oldest person auditioning by a very long way and I feel very proud of that! The selectors told me they loved my act.

'I'm looking forward to Wednesday's 2nd audition and I'm not sure what to expect. The selectors tell me there will be cameras there and for the lucky few there will be another audition on the same day... so I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed!

Best of luck Jane!