Jane Buckle - Handle with Care!

Groovy is a word not often used to describe our senior citizens but Hungerford's iconoclastic cabaret artiste Jane Buckle is the delightful, life affirming exception to the rule. The 62 year old’s original style and exuberance has been subject of a Channel 5 documentary, OAPs Behaving Badly and Jane has also recently endured the gruelling X-factor selection process and appeared on the show in the initial round.

Currently working on ‘Tiger Fit’ – a fun and funky keep fit session for seniors Jane has also recorded two songs for PA’s, ‘Hippy Hippy Snake’ and her soon to be released version of ‘Born to be Wild’. Not content her next goal is to Dance from London to Brighton!

Jane's unconventional Miss Viperish act developed in the wake of her father's death from Parkinson's when she made the life-changing decision to dance her way out of the darkness. An inspiration to young and old alike, Jane is living proof that invisibility is not an inevitability of ageing and that you can be whoever you want to be at any stage of life. Browse on... if you have the energy!

Jane, pictured above, with X Factor crew member Junior and star in his own right!