Hungerford OAP behaving badly

Hungerford resident and force of nature Jane Buckle is living proof that invisibility is not an inevitability of ageing.

 The 62 year old’s original style and exuberance is the subject of a Channel 5 documentary, OAPs Behaving Badly to be screened in end of May. Visitors to You Tube and Facebook can see Jane doing her Miss Viperish routine, an energetic cabaret act involving PVC, a pink tutu and a long rubber snake.

Jane’s act grew out of the dressing up and clowning around she did to cheer her father up while nursing him through the Parkinson’s disease that eventually took his life last year. Plagued with depression and diverticulitis in the wake of her father’s death Jane threw herself into her cabaret work as a way out of the darkness. At the suggestion of a friend she sent a photo of herself to the Ugly Model Agency who promptly cast her in a hip-hop DVD and forwarded her name to Channel 5.

Despite her raunchy image, Jane is keen to stress that her antics are the result of pure human eccentricity and not a consequence of sex, drugs and rock and roll, ‘I come from a time when you had respect’ she says.

Jane’s decency and humanity put a new spin on the old concept of growing old disgracefully and is evidence that you can be outrageous stone cold sober.

If you can’t wait until end of May to see Jane in action, she will be performing her routine with local fitness instructor Bejax at the John O’Gaunt Leisure Centre in Hungerford (Priory Road, Hungerford RG17 0AN) today, 4th March 5.30-6pm. An inspiration to young and old alike, Jane is a shot of technicolour in what can sometimes feel like a monochrome world.

OAPs Behaving Badly trailer